Deborah Maragopoulos
Board Certified
Family Nurse Practitioner

Healing the Hormonally Challenged


Intuitive Integrative Health


Dear Deborah,


Your life and work sound wonderful. The world sure needs whopper qualities of extra loving to everyone. One of the easiest solutions I can think of is to give it all over to women to guide us to a compassionate and generous world. We all hold each other up.




Patch Adams M.D.


My family calls you - the Fertility Goddess! Says that if it wasn't for you we would not have these two beautiful
children! Words cannot express how grateful we are!

Christina Egan
Hueneme, CA


Creation in a Bottle

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Genesis Gold® seems to balance my body chemistry.  I seem to need less medication when I take it and it also reduces my little aches and pains. The best way I can describe Genesis Gold® is that it helps the body do whatever it does, more efficiently.

Dolly Aarons
Austin, TX




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"This is a lovely and timely book. I feel it is important that we, as humans, endeavor to get back to the Divine Mother- Mary's story is a parable for all of us- It's time for us to get back in balance - Amazing that even 2000 plus years ago we were swayed or coerced into certain beliefs by politics and male dominated religion- Not too different from the present." Kathryn Ross-Elliot, Actress The Graduate

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Welcome to LOVEDANCE®



A Place of Healing,  Hope, & Illumination


Hello, I am Deborah Maragopoulos, a board certified family nurse practitioner specializing in hormones and natural therapies.

As an intuitive integrative medical healer, I strive to get to the root of dis-ease.

At the surface, the roots are biochemical. Diving deeper psychological roots can be uncovered, but the core issues are often spiritual.

The soul speaks through the body in the symbolic language of dis-ease.

Full Circle Family Health is where I blend the Art of Healing with the Science of Medicine.

The time is ripe for me to share my pearls of wisdom with the world.




 Mother’s Intuition


Although conscious of being able to perceive things beyond my senses, I suppressed my gifts and pursued a scientific education to justify my “knowing.” Yet with the birth of my first baby, I could no longer deny my intuition.

Born hormonally challenged, my newborn stumped medical experts who advised a course of treatment that didn't feel right. So I followed my intuition, against medical advice, and ushered my son through the maze of health care. My intuition proved correct. Scientific studies have since supported my decision.

In the midst of supporting my son through multiple corrective surgeries, I dreamt it was time to conceive my daughter. She was born full term, healthy, and very much connected. Consciously parenting bright, gifted children has been challenging, yet greatly rewarding.

When my son was later diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, I sought natural means to help him. And the universe gave me lots of opportunity to practice. Parents came from near and far with their developmentally delayed children to seek my care.

Intuitively, I felt that these children’s brains needed nourishment. Their parents willingly mixed the “brew” I prescribed because it worked, but they begged me to formulate a nutritional supplement to make it easier. So I began intense research.

I was stymied until my son suggested I ask to be shown what to make. The answer came in a dream.

In the dream my most challenging patients came to drink from a chalice I held and were healed. In the morning I asked what was in the cup. The answer came as seven Aramaic letters that amazingly translated into the seven amino acids I had been studying related to the hypothalamus. And the dream repeated itself every night for three months until an entire nutritional formula was revealed.


The Dance of DNA


The hypothalamus is the master controller of the hormones, the immune system, and brain chemistry. Everything essential to life is orchestrated by the hypothalamus. The hormones literally sing to the DNA, and the DNA dances accordingly.

Feed the hypothalamus and harmonize the symphony of hormones, then the dance of the DNA can express health and vitality.

Three years after clinical trials were completed, my nutraceutical formula, Genesis Gold®, was available to the public. 

Book of Healing

 I then began to write the book I had promised my colleagues and patients. But I struggled to find inspiration until I had another dream...

 ...I dreamt I was Mary Magdalen dancing down the streets of Nazareth. Once again in Aramaic!

My writing took me away from my first creation—Genesis Gold®—yet with its support I was able to balance family, patients, and writing.

LOVEDANCE®: Awakening the Divine Daughter is the story of Mary Magdalen awakening to her truth. A healer, a dancer, a woman, Mary's voice was lost in history.

Written in Mary’s passionate perspective, the present tense narrative engages the reader to truly experience HERstory.

The Sacred Feminine is so deliciously infused into the book that you cannot help but join the dance.   

It turns out that I did write a healing book that delivers in story form pearls of healing wisdom.

Divine Daughters Unite


I wanted to give a portion of my proceeds to a charity, but there are so many from which to choose. So I founded Divine Daughters Unite—a nonprofit designed to empower young women through compassionate service.

The board of Divine Daughters Unite is made up primarily of young women who decide what service projects to do each year and which charities they will support. The mission is to unite Divine Daughters across the globe.




Although my medical message revolves around keeping Hormones in Harmony® as the key to optimal health, I think the title of my novel sums up my purpose best.

Life is a dance of love. Love connects us all and our Dance is the way we present ourselves to the world.


If Love is at the center of everything, like an axle of a wheel, the Dance is the rim, transporting us through this dimension.

Within the LoveDance® lies a sacred triad. Relationships, Health, & Purpose.

Relationships are mirrors of our souls. Loving relationships with my soulmate, my children, my family, my friends, my patients, my animals, even the earth are the foundation for my being.

Purpose is life’s work, the reason we are here, our mission. My purpose is most fulfilling when it enhances my intimate relationships.

Health of body, mind, and soul is crucial to fulfilling our life purpose. My physical, mental and spiritual health is a harmonious vibration by which my family, friends and patients might join my Dance.

All are connected through Love.

Like energy which brings matter into form, Love defines our Dance.

Enjoy  LoveDance®